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Quality Assurance

Sharing a global quality standard and establishing a high quality brand chosen by customers.

Quality is the basis of the product. Being straightforward to a fault in "sticking to what's been decided" is what leads to a high quality brand chosen by customers.
In order to continue with consistency around the globe, we must share "Global Quality Standard" guidelines to create a high quality brand at every location worldwide. This ensures the prevention of recurrence or occurrence of product defects, and provides peace of mind to customers by delivering a steady supply of the high quality product they have chosen.

■ Promotion of High Quality Product
by Ensuring Front Loading

We extract predictable errors and problems from past manufacturing results and experience by site staff, and ensure front loading to reflect these in design drawings that will form the basis for manufacturing. We have established a system for producing quality in every process from development to manufacture.

Unparalleled quality

Software composition analysis

■ Establishing the Corporate Culture of "No Quality, No Keihin" at all Bases around the World

To create a global high quality brand, we share a "Global Quality Standard" packed full of know-how and standardized knowledge around the world. The system that produces a high quality brand chosen by customers around the world is what underpins our products.

No quality, no Keihin

Structural analysis by X-ray