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Manufacturing Technology

High quality, precision manufacturing achieved through cutting-edge digital technology and craftsmanship born of experience.

"To provide our customers with a stable supply of high quality, fine product, more inexpensive." This is the thought that goes into everything we make. From the hybrid control computer, to fuel and air conditioning control products, many Keihin products are underpinned by cutting-edge digital technology and craftsmanship born of experience.
To achieve better manufacturing worldwide, advanced production technology and manufacturing know-how, such as the results of improvements in efficiency obtained at production bases in Japan, are entered into a database, We make efforts to build and ensure a global operations standard for synchronization and equalization of such manufacturing technology at all sites worldwide.
In this way, whichever base in the world a product has been created, we achieve the provision of a high quality, reliable product fit to bear the Keihin name.

■ Realization of a Highly Efficient Manufacturing System through Front Loading.

Verifying and resolving all needs including demand at manufacturing sites and the efficient utilization of production lines by front loading from the earliest stages of product planning and development reduces loads in downstream processes. We are also working on improving the efficiency of manufacturing sites as well as providing high quality, reasonably priced products.

Highly Efficient Manufacturing System

■ Reinforcement of an Integrated Production System by Internal Resourcing of Manufacturing Facilities

At Keihin, we have built an integrated production system centered on in -house technology for manufacturing equipment, dies and tools, and extending to all the processes of molding, processing, treatment, assembly, and inspection. While as improving quality and reducing product costs, this also promotes production line flexibility, and we respond quickly to product needs leading to advancement and diversification.

Integrated Production System

■ Making things starts from making people

It is people who produce products and systems. For individuals to become more professional, we pass on skills starting from learning the basics of manufacturing at the Keihin school and passing through various technical section meetings. These activities have also spread abroad and are developing globally.