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Through mechanics and electronics, we are coming up with the energy management systems demanded by our customers.

Keihin's core technology is management technology for the unrestricted control of various energy sources. We offer the solutions demanded by our customers by raising the performance of mechanical parts such as throttle bodies and injectors, fusing them with electronics technology such as software to provide optimal control.

■ Proposal for a System Optimized by Mechatronics, and Development of Cutting-Edge
Energy Management Systems (automobile business)

In order to achieve low emissions and energy savings, we are moving ahead with development of optimized systems making use of mechatronics technology such as fuel supply systems compatible with fuels including compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and alcohol as well as gasoline. We are also moving ahead with cutting edge technologies, including venturing into hydrogen supply systems for fuel cell vehicles that emit no CO2 whatsoever, as well as engine control and power supply control systems for the hybrid vehicles seen as the dominant fuel-efficent car. On air conditioning, we are focusing more and more on developing products that will allow stable growth even if cars' energy source changes.

Automobile Business

■ Fuel Supply Systems that Continue to Lead the World (motorcycle and general-purpose products)

With our carburetors, which have a top-class share of the global market. We are looking for the best balance of quality, cost, and delivery, especially in the Asian region which is showing significant growth. We continue to lead the world in the development of products finely-tuned to national and regional needs, including preparing for future emission regulations, and introducing the fuel injection (FI) system and FI system for ethanol that has won acclaim in Japan and North America.

Motorcycle Business