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Corporate Message

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of our shareholders for their continued support.

  On this occasion of reporting our business status for the 77th term (April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018), please let me say a few words.

  The 77th term was the first year of the Thirteenth Medium-Term Business Plan (April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2020), during which time we strived to realize our Medium-Term Global Policy—“Build a strong company with healthy growth and a good company we can be proud of.”

  Regarding the progress of our business development, in motorcycle products we began establishing the world’s largest fuel injection system (FI system) supply structure in India, the largest motorcycle market in the world, where we have the top share. This included the establishment of a new plant and the expansion of buildings and equipment, as well as preparations for mass production. In automotive products, as the installation of power control units that play a core role in the expanding automotive’s electrification advancement worldwide, we expanded production capacity in Japan to meet future growth in demand. Furthermore, with regard to existing gasoline engines, we began efforts to expand our areas of development in order to be able to take over more upstream development of engine systems from automotive manufacturers, and decided to establish a new R&D office to further bolster capacity.

  In CSR activities, we established a Health Declaration and strengthened our efforts to promote health management. As a result, we were recognized as one of the Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations (White 500).

  Revenue for fiscal 2018 increased year on year, due to factors including an increase in sales of automotive products in Japan and China, and higher sales of motorcycle and power products in Asia. Profits grew as a result of higher revenue and cost reductions, despite an increase in costs such as depreciation and R&D expenses.

  As for dividends, a proposal for a year-end dividend of ¥22 per share was approved at the 77th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders. Adding this to an interim dividend of ¥21 per share, we distributed a total dividend of ¥43 per share for fiscal 2018.

  Based on the Thirteenth Medium-Term Global Policy—“Build a strong company with healthy growth and a good company we can be proud of”—we will continue to aim to be a company that always creates new value and contributes to the future of mankind, as stated in our corporate principle, guided by our fundamental beliefs of “Respect for the individual” and “The five joys.”

  I ask for the continued support of all stakeholders as we strive to achieve this mission together.

Chitoshi Yokota, President & CEO

June 30, 2018

Chitoshi Yokota, President & CEO