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Aspiring to Be a Solutions Company for Green Vehicles

In the 60 years since its founding, Keihin has been creating a multitude of products for the “running” of automobiles and motorcycles, contributing to a society that is on the move, offering enriched and more convenient living to people around the world while reducing the impact on the global environment.

As automobiles and motorcycles evolve to more comfortable and more eco-friendly vehicles, Keihin will create products that will be appreciated by customers with its own technologies as a manufacturer of systems that control green vehicles such as hybrid and electric vehicles, in addition to gasoline engines.

We will also create a workplace where each employee will enjoy working and will feel rewarded through active communication. We aspire to become a company that is welcomed by society through proactive CSR activities on a global scale.

We will seek to become a solutions company that provides new value in an era of green vehicles through technologies and activities that only we can provide and do, with our approximately 22,000 employees around the world united in their aspirations.

Keiichi Aida, President & CEO