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Business Overview

Continuing to lead the world as a "manufacturer of integrated systems"

At a time of substantial changes in automobiles and motorcycles, Keihin is evolving with the aim of continuing to lead the world as a "manufacturer of integrated systems." We are further broadening our old perspective of pursuing the world's highest quality for individual parts by working on advanced integration of mechanics and electronics to achieve optimization in whole energy management systems. This is a new step for Keihin. In response to the important topic of harmony with the environment, we at Keihin are naturally offering clear answers, as with initiatives on hybrid vehicles and FI systems.

Amid growing interest in fuel-efficiency and the environment, our expanding automobile business is integrating its traditional three areas of "machinery, air conditioning, and electronics" and evolving to generate proposals in an optimal fashion as a total system integrating mechanics and electronics. With an eye to the future, we are responding to the wide variety of customer needs by venturing into products for alternative fuels vehicles and hybrid vehicles as well as gasoline-powered vehicles. We are focusing more and more on developing products that will allow stable growth even if cars' energy source changes.

Motorcycle and General-Purpose Business

While continuing to lead the world as a manufacturer of carburetors, we are aiming to also be the top manufacturer of electronic fuel injection (FI) systems that address exhaust emissions standards. On the basis of our accumulated technological know-how, we are pushing ahead with the development at a higher level of smaller, lighter, more fuel-efficient next-generation systems. Moreover, we are also making progress in addressing alternative fuels, and are developing products for systems in which alcohol and gasoline can be freely mixed.