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Risk Management

Our Point of View

Recently, in our business environment, a variety of risks and accidents including natural disasters have come to have a strong impact on our business continuity.
To continue to manage risks all over the world as a group, and find out risks, prevent their outbreak and respond to emergency situations at a global level, we are working to establish a more robust business structure centered on a dedicated section called the Business Continuity Management (BCM) Promotion Office. Through these actions, we will continue our efforts to earn the trust of all stakeholders and achieve stable and sustainable growth.
We have appointed a risk management officer as a person in charge of promoting risk management activities to manage risks all over the world.

Earn the trust of all stakeholders with a robust business structure that can handle risks

Basic policy for risk management

We take actions to prevent the risks envisioned in our business activities. As our basic policy, even if a risk occurs, we make efforts to reduce the damage to employees, minimize the damage to the company and continue business activities.