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Basic Philosophy

Social Contribution

We regard participation in the building of a prosperous society based on our hope of "sharing happiness with the community by being a model of good corporate citizenship,"
a part of our basic philosophy, as an important endeavor.
The 15,000 Keihin employees working around the world share this hope and are involved in making a social contribution.

Community Involvement

I will deepen my involvement with the local community by actively participating in community events. We participate as speakers at seminars on the environment aimed at elementary school children in Japan and abroad. We also provide internships to local elementary schools, high schools, and vocational schools, and offer children the opportunity to acquire professionalism and to think about their vocational aptitude and career choices.

Social Welfare

I will actively support people with mental and physical disabilities.
We donate adapted vehicles and also provide "Dream Seats" at regular games of the Rakuten Eagles to which members of welfare organizations and local little league baseball teams are invited. We are also participating in the eco-cap movement to collect plastic bottle caps, which delivers polio vaccine to children around the world.

Disaster Aid

When a disaster occurs, I will actively engage in aid work
We actively donate money for disasters, infectious diseases and the like, particularly overseas.

Volunteer Work

I will actively participate in volunteer activities or aid work.
We conduct neighborhood cleanups and tree planting activities in Japan and abroad