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Engine Management Systems for Natural Gas Vehicles

Compared to gasoline vehicles, emissions from vehicles that run on natural gas or other gaseous fuels contain less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as well as fewer nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and other harmful substances. For this reason, natural gas vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular option, particularly in Southeast Asia.

The engine management system that Keihin developed for natural gas vehicles in 2014 includes injectors that are designed specifically for natural gas vehicles with world-class durability and an extensive variation of flow options, 2nd ECUs with original Keihin optimization control technology for better driving performance, pressure regulators that maintain a steady gas supply pressure in low-temperature environments, and oil trap filters boasting world-class collection efficiency to handle impure fuels. These products can be installed on either mono-fuel or bi-fuel natural gas vehicles.

In the case of bi-fuel vehicles, Keihin’s natural gas products are compatible with a wide range of
gasoline engine configurations as well.

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