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Engine Management Systems for Gasoline Vehicles

Gasoline vehicles have long been a mainstay of Keihin’s automobile history, and the company engages in a variety of related efforts both in R&D and manufacturing.

Keihin has taken advantage of its extensive R&D and manufacturing technologies to create a large number of products, which can also be used as integrated systems that allow customers to create the vehicles they want while contributing to society as well.

Keihin’s engine management systems for gasoline vehicles include ECUs that can be installed with a variety of engine types (including direct-injection engines and conventional port-injection engines);
injectors for direct-injection engines, which boast some of the finest atomization forms in the world;
compact lightweight, low-noise injectors for in-port injection systems; intake manifolds with the smallest possible packaging to help reduce engine size, yet maintain intake performance;
electronically-controlled throttle bodies equipped with precision throttle opening sensors; and highly-responsive EGR valves with build-in linear solenoids.

These product groups are designed to deliver optimized control of air, fuel, and sparking for cleaner powertrains that consume less fuel.

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