Motorcycle and Power Products

ECU for Power Products


This ECU is one of the components of the electronic fuel injection system and is used to control the engine.The ECU detects the throttle operation of the vessel operator, the temperature, the air pressure, and other environmental conditions and then issues commands regarding airflow as well as fuel injection amount, spark timing and so on to various devices, so that the engine operates in the optimum state.

The Keihin Advantage

Conforms to NMEA 2000 (National Marine Electronics Association)
Superior heat-resistant design that meets vibration requirements.Outboard motors require that the ECU be mounted close to the engine, so they require superior heat resistance.Only the finest components are used in Keihin general-purpose ECUs, which gives them superior durability.

Customer Benefits

・The product conforms to NMEA 2000 for a variety of gauge customization options.

Production Bases

japan Miyagi Plant