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Cold Storage Evaporator


The evaporator uses the heat of vaporization generated when the refrigerant evaporates to cool the air to be sent into the passenger compartment.This cold storage evaporator features a cold storage tank and thus can continue delivering cold air into the passenger compartment even when the engine is stopped (such as during idling shutoff).

The Keihin Advantage

More efficient cooling and a smaller, lighter design.
The optional cold storage tank can be inserted into the unit so that the system can continue to blow cold air even when the engine is off (such a during idling shutoff).
An original refrigerant circuit configuration takes refrigerant characteristics into consideration to improve cooling efficiency while reducing size and weight.

Customer Benefits

・The deliver of cool air even during idling shutoff keeps temperatures in the passenger compartment from rising.

・The cold storage tank structure allows for gradual cooling (asymmetrization), which extends idling shutoff times and contributes to better fuel efficiency.

Production Bases

japan Keihin Thermal Technology Corporation
w_icn_us Keihin Thermal Technology of America, Inc.
w_icn_t Keihin Thermal Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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