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The HVAC unit is an air conditioning unit that blows air with a motor-powered fan and uses heat exchangers to dehumidify, cool, and heat air. The blower adjustment mechanism controls the amount of outside air used, the temperature of the air, and the selection of air outlets.
Note: HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

The Keihin Advantage

The unit is lightweight and compact for easy installation
Air flow simulations are conducted in order to reduce ventilation resistance for a quieter, more compact unit.Simulations of the air flow of the blower that sends the air into the passenger compartment also contribute to noise reductions.

Customer Benefits

・A compact design increases space in the passenger compartment.

・The unit’s lightweight design reduces vehicle weight and thus contributes to better fuel efficiency.

・The basic package can be expanded to suit additional vehicle models.

Production Bases

japan Sayama Factory
japan Suzuka Factory
w_icn_us Keihin Michigan Manufacturing, LLC.
w_icn_us Keihin Thermal Technology of America, Inc.
w_icn_t Keihin Thermal Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
w_icn_m Keihin Malaysia Manufacturing SDN. BHD
w_icn_cn Dongguan Keihin Engine Management System Co., Ltd.
w_icn_cn Keihin (Wuhan) Automotive Components Co., Ltd.

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