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Pressure Regulator


The pressure regulator decompresses the natural gas filled to high pressure in the fuel tank and delivers it to the injectors at the appropriate pressure.The decompressed fuel does not depend on engine operating conditions, so a specific fixed pressure is maintained.An electromagnetic shut-off valve prevents explosions or breakage due to pressure abnormalities.

The Keihin Advantage

Combined shut-off valve and high-pressure sensor
The regulator performs two functions in one, maintaining a fixed injection pressure for the injectors while including an electromagnetic shut-off valve for a more compact design.

Improved pressure regulation accuracy
The product is designed to eliminate sliding between metal parts to minimize sliding friction and improve pressure regulation accuracy.

Better sealing performance
A self-aligning design boosts sealing performance in low-temperature environments.

Customer Benefits

・The pressure regulator ensures a stable operating pressure independent of environmental conditions (such as low temperature) and is made with materials that can maintain airtightness under low temperature for a wider range of vehicle applications.

・It is durable and reliable with long service life in mind for greater user convenience.

Production Bases

japan Miyagi Plant


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