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Oil Trap Filter


The oil trap filter removes impurities from the natural gas that is sent to the injectors.The filter traps the oil that is generated when natural gas fuel tanks are filled to high pressure, in order to ensure stable operation of the injectors.In addition to natural gas vehicles, the filter can also be used to trap the oil contained in liquid petroleum gas (LPG) in LPG vehicles so that oil-free fuel is supplied to the injectors.

The Keihin Advantage

Filters deliver superior filtration performance
These filters are designed to limit filter-related pressure loss while preventing oil from passing through.

Exceptional oil collection efficiency
An optimized fuel path layout improves the collection efficiency of the internal element, resulting in world-class performance.

Compatible with multiple engine types
Two different fuel outlet joint options are available, for both in-line and V- type engines, for compatibility with a wider range of vehicle models.

Customer Benefits

・The resin body helps keep vehicle weight down.

・Oil-free fuel stabilizes injector performance for enhanced ride comfort.

・A large oil trap capacity means fewer maintenance visits to replace the filter.

・The filter can be installed either on monofuel or bifuel vehicles for greater options and flexibility.

Production Bases

japan Miyagi Plant


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