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Injector for Natural Gas Vehicles


This injector receives electronic command signals from the natural gas system ECU (2nd ECU), and then injects natural gas fuel that has been decompressed by the pressure regulator into the engine port accordingly.

The Keihin Advantage

Designed exclusively for natural gas
A rubber valve designed for improved sealing performance in natural gas engines is used.The valve also features a self-lubricating coating to enhance smooth sliding performance and to maintain durability and reliability.

Variety of flow volume options
With a design of sufficient internal flow pathways, this product allows for a variety of flow volume options.Vehicle mounting options include piping and O-ring configurations.

Customizable piping layouts
We can configure piping layouts to match customer engine layouts.

Customer Benefits

・This product is manufactured in India to keep costs low.

・The low fuel pressure keeps system costs down for upstream piping and other functions.

Production Bases

japan Miyagi Plant
w_icn_in Keihin India Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.


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