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Cathode Pressure Control Valve


Fuel cell vehicles use hydrogen as fuel. They produce electricity and water by mixing hydrogen gas and oxygen in the cell stack, and that electricity is used as energy to power the car.
The cathode pressure control valve regulates the pressure of the air supplied to the cell stack from the air pump.

The Keihin Advantage

This valve makes use of existing components to keep costs low.
A butterfly valve structure ensures low pressure loss plus exceptional flow control performance, while the drive parts make use of components from the gasoline-engine throttle body to deliver solid functionality at low cost.

The design and materials maintain operability and corrosion resistance at subfreezing temperatures
Stainless steel is used for the shaft and valve materials in order to maintain corrosion resistance against the massive amounts of water generated in the flow channels and eliminate operational defects due to freezing.A special water-repellant coating is also applied to the bore components to prevent the water penetrating into the space between the valve and bore from freezing, thus maintaining draining performance.

Customer Benefits

・The valve delivers reliable pressure regulation throughout its temperature range in fuel cell air systems, which produce and discharge large amounts of water.

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