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Battery Management System for Fuel Cell Vehicles


This system detects remaining battery capacity in fuel cell vehicles with a high degree of accuracy, performing a variety of battery-related monitoring and control functions such as charge and discharge control, cell balance control, high-voltage line connection control, and cooling control.

The Keihin Advantage

Compact, lightweight, low profile
The system uses a low-profile metal housing to make it more resistant to high temperatures and vibration and better-adapted to electromagnetic environments.

Original design maximizes battery charge capacity
The single-body resin construction with built-in cell voltage sensor functionality is designed to improve cell voltage detection accuracy, offering more flexibility in mounting angle options for the battery-monitoring IC.


・Conforms to ISO26262 ASIL-D
The highly-reliable design conforms to functional safety standard ISO26262 ASIL-D and prevents cell overcharging.

・Reliable EMC design
EMC-tested design reduces the generation of electrical noise while protecting the unit from outside electrical noise.