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ECU for Stack Impedance Measurement


This monitoring ECU measures the impedance in the fuel cell stack to properly maintain the right amount of moisture in the stack.
Maintaining proper moisture levels helps prevent the stack from deteriorating, thus extending its service life.



The Keihin Advantage

Precision stack impedance measurement
The unit uses high-performance filtering technology powered by high-speed sampling and reliable EMC design for precision impedance measurement.

Small and lightweight clearance design
The unit is simultaneously installed with both high-voltage (more than 100 V) and low-voltage (12-V system) features. A space is left between the high-voltage and low-voltage areas to insulate the high- and low-voltage areas from one another and prevent short curcuits between the component electrodes.
The clearance between the high- and low-voltage areas has also been carefully designed to create a more compact unit while also ensuring safety.

Customer Benefits

・Precise measurement of stack impedance to extend stack life.

・The smaller and lighter design supports better electricity consumption performance.

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