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Electronic Control Throttle Body for Automotive


This throttle body uses electronic control to supply air to the engine.A sensor detects how far the throttle is open and then sends that information to the ECU.The ECU decides to open the throttle valve in line with the throttle opening and sends the instructions to the motor.The motor then opens the valve as instructed to supply air to the engine.

The Keihin Advantage

Better fuel efficiency and a more comfortable ride
A high precision throttle adjustment sensor and a highly-responsive and compact motor for engine output control are installed for better fuel efficiency and greater ride comfort.

Customer Benefits

・Precision control of intake air volume results in lower fuel consumption and less emissions

・A highly-responsive compact motor is installed for better safety and a more comfortable ride

Production Bases

japan Miyagi Plant
w_icn_us Keihin IPT Manufacturing, LLC.
w_icn_mx Keihin de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
w_icn_t Keihin Auto Parts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
w_icn_c Nanjing Keihin Carburetor Co., Ltd.