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ECU for Automotives


The ECU is a component used to control the engine so that the vehicle can be driven.It detects temperature, air pressure, and other environmental conditions based on driver accelerator operation and the transmission, communicating critical information on air, fuel injection amount, spark timing, and so on to the throttle body, injectors, and other components so that the engine operates in an optimum state.

The Keihin Advantage

Use as multipurpose ECU

Advanced unit standardization has led to the development of a multipurpose ECU that can be mounted on a variety of engine types, including direct-injection gasoline engines and conventional gasoline port injection engines.


Conforms to international standard ISO26262

This unit was developed using the first Keihin process to conform to the ISO26262 international standard for functional safety of automotive electrical and electronic systems.

Customer Benefits

・A multipurpose design makes it possible to use a single verification process for multiple vehicle models.

・The unit uses less power than conventional products while boasting a smaller, lighter design for better electrical and fuel efficiency.

Production Bases

japan Miyagi Plant
w_icn_us Keihin Carolina System Technology, LLC.
w_icn_t Keihin Auto Parts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
w_icn_id PT Keihin Indonesia
w_icn_c Dongguan Keihin Engine Management System Co., Ltd.