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Management ECU


The management ECU uses remaining battery capacity information from the battery management system and user acceleration to calculate the motor torque required for the power control unit and issues instructions for optimized total energy management in electric vehicle control systems.

The Keihin Advantage

Use as multipurpose ECU
This multipurpose ECU works for both electric vehicle control systems and gasoline vehicle ECUs, so it can be mounted on a variety of different powertrains.

Conforms to ISO26262
Developed using a process that conforms to the ISO26262 standard for functional safety of electrical and electronic systems in automobiles.

Customer Benefits

This unit can be used in a variety of vehicles, including electric or hybrid vehicles, and also plug-in hybrid vehicles, making it possible to use a single verification process for multiple models.

Production Bases

w_icn_us Keihin Carolina System Technology, LLC.
w_icn_c Dongguan Keihin Engine Management System Co., Ltd.