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The power control unit controls the power-generation and drive motors in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles during startoff, acceleration, and deceleration.
It serves as a motor controller during startoff, a regenerative controller during deceleration, a power generation controller when the battery is charging, and a VCU controller for variable system voltage. It also uses a DC-DC converter to act as a voltage transformer for sources used to power on-board electrical equipment.

The Keihin Advantage

Multi-feature, all-in-one intelligent power module
Keihin power control units are equipped with a high-performance intelligent power module that combines multiple drive circuit and voltage detector features, as well as a current sensor and control board inside the module (these were previously independent from the unit). And Keihin have still managed to greatly reduce size while reducing the number of components.

RC-IGBT that combines the diode and IGBT in a single unit
Keihin’s power control unit is also equipped with an RC-IGBT that combines the IGBT silicon power semiconductor switch with the free wheeling diode that protects it into a single unit. The resulting decrease in surface area of the device lowers costs and allows Keihin to make the unit more compact due to the reduction in the number of components.

Newly developed with a more compact VCU
New advances in voltage and current control technology have allowed Keihin to minimize overall power loss in the voltage control unit, which in turn has allowed Keihin to reduce the size of the internal components by about 20%. Keihin have also reduced the size and volume of the condenser while maintaining safety, resulting in a more compact VCU.

Power control unit with an on-board DC-DC converter
Keihin have succeeded in overcoming the challenges associated with limited space, heat, and vibration, successfully mounting a DC-DC power converter to supply the right amount of power to on-board electrical equipment. This makes it possible to directly mount the unit to the transmission while delivering high performance via a smaller unit.

Customer Benefits

・More compact design allows for more installation options and the ability to design more spacious interiors
・Direct mounting to the transmission is possible, allowing for greater configuration and installation freedom
・Low power loss helps boost fuel efficiency and lower power consumption
・Fewer components within the power control unit keeps costs low

Production Bases

japan Miyagi Plant
japan Sayama Factory


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