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Electronic Control Throttle Body for Large Motorcycles


This component uses electronic control to adjust the amount of airflow to the engine.The ECU gathers information from various sensors in the vehicle to calculate optimum throttle opening based on the operating conditions. These instructions are then sent to the motor, which opens or closes the throttle valve in order to supply the right amount of air to the engine.At the same time, a throttle position sensor detects the opening angle of the throttle valve and sends that information back to the ECU.

The Keihin Advantage

Thorough weight reductions
By using electrification to control weight increases, downsizing of the motor and other measures, Keihin has created a more compact unit with thorough weight reductions.Use of motor-driven gear ratio to increase motor drive speed has also made it possible to improve response.Compact on-board sensors are also among the features adopted to increase electrification, reduce size, and reduce weight.

Customer Benefits

・The compact, lightweight design results in greater operability and nimbler handling.

・The high-speed gear ratio improves throttle response for a more immediate rider experience.

Production Bases

japan Miyagi Plant
w_icn_t Keihin (Thailand) Co., Ltd.