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ECU with ACG Starter Control System for Small Motorcycles


This ECU is one of the components of the electronic fuel injection system and is used to control the engine.The ECU is a component used to control the engine so that the motorcycle can be driven.The ECU detects the throttle operation of the rider, the temperature, the air pressure, and other environmental conditions and then issues commands regarding airflow as well as fuel injection amount, spark timing and so on to various devices, so that the engine operates in the optimum state.Keihin has developed ECUs that are compatible with idling shutoff features.

The Keihin Advantage

Smooth restarting after idling shutoff
This ECU incorporates the AC generator (ACG) control with conventional ECU functions in a single unit to directly turn over the engine, resulting in a quiet startup and a smooth engine restart after idling shutoff.

Heat dissipation structure protects against ACG current
By conducting precise heat simulation testing to optimize component placement, Keihin has developed this unit, resulting in a heat dissipation structure capable of withstanding a steady flow of ACG current.

Customer Benefits

・This ECU makes it possible to provide customers around the world with high-value-added small motorcycles equipped with key features such as idling shutoff and LED headlights.

Production Bases

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