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Boat and General-Purpose Products

Boat Products

Plastic Intake Manifold for Outboard Motor

This regulates the volume of air supplied to the engine. The use of plastic intake manifolds in V6 engines for outboard motors contributes to delivery of both high power and low weight.

VST for Outboard Motor

This VST pressurizes fuel from the hull and supplies it to the injector. The fuel and vapor (fuel bubbles) are separated in the float chamber, and the fuel pumped with a fuel pump. An integrated pressure regulator component maintains the pressure under which the fuel is pumped into the injector at a constant level.

General-Purpose Products

General-Purpose Carburetor

This supplies air and fuel required by the engine to the cylinder in the optimal ratio. It has a wide range of applications in the general-purpose field, such as lawn mowers and generators, and we provide various carburetors according to demand for machinery such as governor throttles and fuel cut solenoids.