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Commercial Racing Products

FCR-MX Carburetor

Conventional FCR carburetors achieving high power and high response have also won acclaim in off-road racing, where the rise of four-stroke machines has been remarkable. However, because the FCR carburetor was developed on the assumption that it would be used in road races, readiness for severe conditions of use such as the jumps and mud found off-road was called for. The "FCR-MX" carburetor was therefore developed especially for motocross. It provides outstanding performance even in top-flight motocross and enduro races.

FCR (Flat) Carburetor

With outstanding drivability in high-speed endurance races and technical race tracks, throttle control performance at a range of small and medium opening angles, an overwhelming feeling of acceleration from the accelerator pump system, increased power at high revs, and significant reductions in gripping force by using bearings on the working parts of the throttle, the performance of the FCR has become a byword in racing carburetors. We have put together a lineup ranging from single to multiple, horizontal to downdraft, and also in various sizes.

PWK Carburetor and PE Carburetor

The moment to moment, subtle response required for an engine in trials, this is the background against which Keihin carburetors come into their own.

CR-mini Racing Carburetor

Developed specifically for small displacement motorcycle racing, this carburetor uses the same smooth bore shape as the "CR special" carburetor which has been so popular, but satisfies the needs of small displacement racing motorcycles and corresponding competition regulations by delivering increased air intake and exceptional drivability.