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Keihin Philosophy

The "Keihin Philosophy," in which Keihin Group employees share a sense of "what is right."
Throughout the world, all are striving to realize our "mission statement" and create a corporate culture worthy of Keihin.
It is precisely this "centripetal force toward a single goal" that is the driving force for us at Keihin.

Fundamental Beliefs

Respect for the Individual


To be free in thought and to act in accordance with one’s own beliefs, and to take responsibility for the results of one’s actions.


To respect each others’ differences and to maintain fairness
in all of one’s dealings.


To sincerely recognize each others’ abilities and compensate
for each other’s shortcomings.

The Five Joys


We shall share joy with our Society by being a model corporate citizen.


We shall share joy with our Customers by using our advanced skills
and close interaction.


We shall share joy with our Suppliers by ensuring that each party prospers in an environment of mutual creativity.


We shall share joy with our Shareholders by always maintaining
our appeal as a company.


We shall share joy among Ourselves by gaining the empathy
and trust of all.

Corporate Principle

We shall contribute to the future of mankind
by the continuous creation of new value.

Guiding Policies

We shall challenge ourselves to any matter with ambition and vitality

A corporate culture of ambition and challenge

We shall give importance to theory, ideas and time

A corporate culture giving importance to ideas and time

We shall respect sincere conduct and endeavors

A corporate culture that rewards effort