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Basic Stance on the Environment

Environmental Declaration

At Keihin, we began to grapple with environmental issues early on, including developing the carburetor for Honda’s CVCC engine, the first in the world to meet the then-stringent requirements of America's Muskie Act, in 1972.
We have stated our ideas on environmental conservation in the form of the Environmental Initiatives and set a course of action for individual associates to act with an awareness of their leading role.
Based on the Environmental Initiatives, all Keihin associates will work hard to undertake activities that will contribute to the reduction of environmental loads and the establishment of a recycling-oriented society on a global scale.

Environmental Declaration

We recognize the deep connection between corporate environmental activities and sustaining a healthy global environment. As a responsible member of society, we will actively strive to protect the global environment by reducing environmental load across the full range of corporate activities.

Code of Conduct

We will strive to develop and supply products that are environmentally friendly, clean and safe.

We will strive to recycle materials and save energy and resources
at the development, production, and distribution stages of our corporate activities.

As a member of society, we will strive to actively push ahead with international initiatives to preserve the global environment.

As a corporate citizen, Keihin will actively support and cooperate in environmental protection in the local community
and work to achieve the respect of society.

Structures and Roles

Keihin has established Environmental Initiatives that set the course of our environmental conservation.
To thoroughly implement these initiatives, Keihin has also formed a committee that carries out environmental load reducing activities.
The following describes Keihin’s system for working on environmental conservation activities and the roles within this system.

Basic Philosophy

In order to accurately monitor domestic and overseas trends and implement industry top level environmental management on the basis of the environmental management system, Keihin has reviewed its system since fiscal 2014 and further reinforced its environmental management by setting up a Global Environment Committee.
This Global Environment Committee is made up of four regional subcommittees, the Japan Environment Subcommittee, Americas Environment Subcommittee, Asia Environment Subcommittee, and China Environment Subcommittee. They recognize that disclosing their activities and results is the correct attitude to take, and they will, as standard, disclose their results to society.

Corporate Environmental Committee